When there's understanding, even a small team can create great things.

This is the case of the DragonBoiles group who, from the first idea from the carp fisher, Alessandro Caramaschi, has never stopped testing, trying and finding better and better solutions, finally leading to DragonBoiles. It is an electric steamer for Carpfishing, fully functional, and today it is the only one in Europe.


Hello, I am Alessandro Caramaschi, creator of DragonBoiles.

With my brother, Alessio, I own the Attrezzeria Universal Srl. I manage the milling and assembly departments, and I have about 20 years experience in the field of machining and assembly of home appliances.

And Carpfishing? It’s a hobby I’ve had since the 1990s. The idea of making higher performance boils drove me in my search for new solutions.

Four years ago, I decided to share my experience first in Italy and then in Europe. This is what let to DragonBoiles, the only cooking system for true homemade boilies that guarantees top quality.

Hello, I am Rossella, I have a degree in finance and economy, and I am the sales manager for Attrezzeria Universal.

I manage relationships with the largest European home appliance industry, like Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux, Miele, and Smeg.

I remember the day Alessandro introduced me to DragonBoiles perfectly: I was so enthusiastic!

The results? Excellent. In just 2 years we have gotten to know carp fishers from many European countries. To find out what is on sale, payment terms, and for information about the DragonBoiles kit, do not to hesitate to contact to me.

Rossella Marangon di DragonBoiles

Customer Service

Carp fisher for more than 20 years

Hello, I am Marco. I have been carpfishing for 22 years now.

I have known Alessandro since we were children. Since 1999 I have been working for Attrezzeria Universal.

My passion are lakes and quarries, the growing pressure to fish has driven me to make homemade bait.

Over the years, I have seen carpfishing grow and I thought everything that could be was on the market, until Alessandro described DragonBoiles to me.

I immediately understood that it would be a real novelty for carpfishing. There were no cooking systems for real homemade bait makers like me.

I saw this steamer be built from the ground up, and if you want to know about the technical details, the cooking methods, or want other recommendations, drop me a note.

Hello, I am Jessica, I am from Bologna and I have been carpfishing for many years. 

What’s my ideal day like? I love dedicating time to my passion, closing myself in the garage and working on the bait I will bring with me fishing.

I have been working with the DragonBoiles team for three years and I have given Alessandro Caramaschi, a friend and fellow carp fisher who designed this electric steamer, all of my knowledge for homemade bait.

Since I have been using the DragonBoiles electric steamer I have seen that the ingredients in my recipes gain value, which shall all be available on the DragonBoiles website shortly along with my recommendations for mixes and cooking times.

For recommendations on your homemade boilies, write to me.

Jessica Zerbini DragonBoiles

Expert Carp fisher